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- Dynamic dance workout with elements of martial arts and yoga.


- Exciting, simple dance routines done to Latin and international music.*Zumba Gold offered for senior populations.

Zumba Private Parties
- Members and Non-Members Welcome. One Hour/$150 Time based on studio availability. Requests for instructors permitted-based on their availability. Reserve Your Party Now!




- Strength Training, Toning…Total Body Conditioning! A “head to toe” toning workout achieved through high repetition, non-cardio exercises, using body bars, barbells, dumbbells and more.

Fit for Life

- Low impact aerobic moves involving large muscle groups and stretching. Use of light weights and tubing. Multi-level class. Exercises incorporate the use of a chair.

EDGE Interval – Get a mix of strength training and intense heart pumpin’ cardio drills. Develops speed, agility, strength, endurance and flexibility using challenging strength and cardio exercises. Classes use body bars, barbells, dumbbells and more.




- Musically driven workout using various levels of bike tension and cadence.


- Various kicks and jabs form combinations set to music. May include intervals of strength training.

Power Fusion

- Dynamic total body workout that combines different class formats. Classes will offer everything from Kickboxing to Step… Strength Training to Boot Camp…Core Conditioning…You may even see some Hi/Lo make an encore appearance!


- Back in Time! A fun workout that takes place on a platform with risers. Choreography is packed with repeaters, kicks, over the top, and so much more!







     Karen Ryan-Group X Manager

Pilates Mat

- Based on the philosophy of Joseph Pilates, this mind body connection mat workout involves use of the “Powerhouse” – the center place that connects abdominal muscles with the small of the back and buttocks. Strengthens major muscle groups, improves body alignment, increases flexibility. Props may be incorporated.

Pilates Plus

- Traditional Pilates with elements from yoga, sports conditioning, the body method and modern dance. A great all over workout that works the body from the inside out!

Power Yoga

- Yoga postures joined to build strength and flexibility


- Free your mind…Relax your body…. Increases strength, flexibility and breath. A balanced class of asana and relaxation.

Gental Flow Yoga – A slow flowing, alignment based yoga class for all levels with variations offered. Focuses on building strength and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness. Suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – A fast paced yoga class timing movements with the breath (vinyasa). Focuses on building heat, strength, and stamina. Knowledge of alignment and postures required due to the fast pace of the class.

*Mats are provided, however it is recommended to bring your own.